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Page history last edited by lauraglu 10 years, 6 months ago

Welcome to Geeks Love Climbing!


Climbing for geeks by geeks, because geeks love climbing. Shamelessly stolen from inspired by http://geekslovebowling.com


A few folks have mentioned wanting to get a group together to go rock climbing while at conferences. Pack your climbing shoes and let's do it!



The Conferences

  • SXSW2010 (Please feel free to vote for times under The Voting if you are interested in going.)
  • ...


The Climbers

  • Mark Trammell (founder of Geeks Love Climbing)
  • Tantek Çelik (made an offhand joke to Mark, and look what happened.)
  • Dan Rubin (climbed a tree when I was 10, and a rope when I was 16)
  • Juliette Melton (just found the climbing shoes - w00t!)
  • Erica Douglass (I can pack all my climbing gear)
  • Michael Lehmkuhl (have pity on me - I come from a flat state)
  • Dane Petersen (used to climb twice a week at Smith Rock... used to...)
  • Noelle Murata (refuses to be outdone, having missed the Apt Bouldering)
  • Colin Surprenant (active in the north east - from Montreal area, Adirondacks to the Gunks)
  • Kevin Rose (I own buildering.com, no joke, click the ads)
  • Daniel Burka (I'm can climb the routes Kevin talks about climbing)
  • Brian Shaler (I fall for Daniel's trash talk and lose bets against Kevin)
  • Veronica Belmont (It's been a while, I need peer pressure)
  • Laura Fitton (that nut from Twitter [@pistachio] used to, used to...) availability a little up in the air, i'll come when a group is going if i can
  • Aubrey Sabala (I'm packing my climbing gear and dental floss. Wholly unrelated, but true.)
  • Ryan King (packing climbing gear and dental floss. Totally related.)
  • Jake Ingman (my brother climbed el cap twice. I have climbed it zero.)
  • Thomas Crenshaw (indoor climber from VA/DC/MD area)
  • Ben Cote (climbs stuff)
  • Adina Levin (learned at Planet Granite in Belmont)
  • tyler hilker (i'm now the noob i always made fun of)
  • Stephanie Sullivan (haven't done this in years, but loved it before)
  • Lisa Brewster (started climbing at SXSW, ended up being lots easier to try than I thought it would be)
  • Elizabeth Leddy (from the window to the wall...)
  • Alex Kawas (founding member of NinjaCamp)
  • Brynn Evans (total n00b)
  • Chris Hutchins (unemployed in SF = lots of time to climb)
  • Lynn LaVallee (i hope my chalk is still chalky)
  • Laura Gluhanich (Burka? Have you even climbed this year?)
  • Natalie Villalobos (I forgot my shoes at home. Platforms work, yes?)
  • Chad Catacchio (I own kevinroseownsbuildering.com, joke, no ads to click)
  • michael j lambie (casual climber in l.a. j-tree, june lake & bishop trips mostly)
  • Micah Saul (my calluses are pretty much completely gone... this'll be painful)
  • Rob Goodlatte (damn kids these days...)
  • Josh Smith (blablabla non-seqitur-involving-tacos blablabla etc.)
  • Robby Grossman (@freerobby) 


The Sponsors

Why not? Help sponsor Geeks Love Climbing and we'll put your logo and a link here. Seriously.


The Successful Climbs

Past geeks love climbing sessions:

  • SXSW2009
  • SXSW2008
  • 3/26-3/28 San Diego: W3C CSS Working Group meeting (should move this to its own past archive page and leave a link in place)
    • 3/27
      • Solid Rock in San Diego
      • 7pm at Solid Rock
        • +1 Tantek
        • +1 Lisa
        • +1 Liz
        • +1 Alex
        • +1 Brynn
      • dinner afterwards nearby in old town and hillcrest (suggest something!)
        • +1 Tantek
        • +1 Lisa (open to anything, vegan option + non-obnoxious parking gets bonus points)
        • +1 Liz (ortegas has sweet margaritas, bamboo lounge has yummy fusion but takes forever, and my favorite place for old speckled hen on tap, shakespeares pub... )
        • Although I won't be joining you for climbing, I'd love to be in on dinner/drink plans. As far as Hillcrest/Mission Hills/Old Town goes, I'd recommend Mamá Testa for Mexican (best tacos in town, bar none). Seconded Shakespeare & Bamboo Lounge as nice spots--Shakespeare for dinner & afterwards, Bamboo Lounge to chill post dinner but I wouldn't bother eating there. Bamboo Lounge is on the same block as Mamá Testa; could be a nice combo. -- Edward O'Connor
        • +1 Alex (Ted knows his eats.)
        • +1 Brynn (sad to say that after 1.5 years living in SD, I have no idea where to suggest...)
  • 2008-05-07 6pm New Zealand (should move this to its own past archive page and leave a link in place)

    Webstock Workshop, Wellington, Aotearoa/New Zealand


    6pm, 7 May 2008



    Fergs http://www.zoomin.co.nz/map/nz/wellington/wellington+wharf/queens+wharf/6/-fergs+kayaks+wellington/



    • Ben Nolan (Perpetrator of the monkey climb)
    • Cj Wells (I dated a climber once)
    • Hayden Smith (Cause ladders are for lazy shits)
    • Ingo Schommer (Likes the handhold color schemes, but doesn't climb by them)
    • Tantek Çelik


    • Sue Tyler (I might photograph climbing, but I do not have a climbing spirit)


The Photos


The Videos


The Sponsors


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